From Nice Guy™ to Feminist – My Rather Unremarkable Journey

Atheism, Music, and More...

This is one of the hardest posts for me to put up. I’ve been waffling over it for months; came close to deleting it a couple of times, in fact. I did so because it includes some rather personal information I’m seriously not comfortable divulging. However, in order to give my short and unremarkable story, this is information I have to provide, in order to provide context. A couple of times in this post I make a couple of requests with regard to comments. Please follow those requests. Also, MRAs and such are not welcome to post here. As this is my blog and I do not have to follow the first amendment of the US Constitution on my blog, I will be deleting any comments from any misogynistic MRA assholes. That doesn’t means I won’t allow any kind of debate here… I’m just not going to allow needlessly offensive…

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