No, We Don’t Want Your Apologies (AKA You are not a very good ally if…)


Ugh, another day, another round of self-described allies fucking the fuck up.  So, with the help of my awesome buddies on my Facebook page, I gathered a pretty nice list of things you should be looking out from.

You are not a very good ally if…

  1. Your allyship is only valid if my tone is pleasing and I never challenge you.  Guess what, genius? You’re going to fuck up, and THAT’S when rubber hits the road. Will you cop to your mistake, maybe think about it, maybe try not to make that mistake again?  Or will you double and triple and quadruple down and insist that these same people who you believe to be supporting are wrong?
  2. If you feel the need ‘apologize’ for having privilege, but only when challenged. Your apologies don’t help shit when they’re about shit you can’t help.  I don’t need you to apologize for being…

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