An Explanation, but no apology.

everyday whorephobia

Everyday whorephobia is a collective, any current or former sex worker who agrees with harm reduction, decriminlization and our core beliefs (detailed here) can represent us. This representation can be on twitter, writing for the blog or at events. It has to be this way for we believe no one is representative and every sex worker’s voice matters. To avoid various hierarchies, including whorearchy we have evolved to be a space where sex workers across the world see us as their account, this is how it should be.

You may have noticed that Everyday Whorephobia twitter account was deactivated, and the emails ect have been silent for most of October, there is a very good reason for this. Two black women in the US (and the use of blackness here is specific, more of this later) used the Everyday Whorephobia name to promote a fundraiser for two murdered…

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