White, able-bodied, cis, American man in a monogamous heterosexual relationship since 2008. Agnostic atheist since 2011. Anti-theist in that I oppose the use of supernatural nonsense to justify and sanctify suffering brought on by inequality, insecurity, and tyranny. Skeptic and humanist. Low interest and competence in most forms of socializing, probably due to an undiagnosed Autism spectrum disorder. Vegetarian since 2000, vegan since 2004. Early Atheism Plus supporter.

I grew up with a love of books, a love of truth, and a highly distorted view of reality thanks to an extreme fundamentalist Christian upbringing. Luckily all that book-reading and truth-loving eventually led me to discover the all-too-human sources of my supernatural assumptions. Once I realized who had tricked me and why, identifying and letting go of my false religious beliefs was easy, painless, and quick. I realized I was an atheist, and I immediately began devouring books, articles, blogs, videos, and podcasts on the subject.

This blog is about opposing religious harm, championing under-represented truths, thinking, learning, getting feedback, preventing others from wasting time on popular lies, and advocating for victims of ignorance, bigotry, and hatred.

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