The Third Glance

I’m sitting with a group of people, not a huge group, but maybe 4 or 5 others. We’re chattering, or at least, they are – they’re chatting, talking, conversing. I’m listening, I have no other choice.

I hear a door open and shut. I hear their breathing. I hear the girl across from me shift from side to side. I hear their Words, and each Word means something, makes me think of something else. I put the Words into my brain, and try to organize them. Sometimes I even hear the sentences, but there’s so much going on that I have trouble figuring out what is being said.

I hear their Words, fumbled and confusing, with most things unspoken, nonverbal cues that are not Heard. I miss a Word, and lose the sentence.

Was that a joke? They’re all laughing. I guess I should join in, since they know I’m…

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